Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cute Kid of Renfrew County Contest!

Please read the rules for voting before proceeding here is the link.

Please wait until all images are uploaded..i am experiencing tech difficulties...should be correct by 10:am eastern March 13.

Cute Kid Album

I'm not one for blogging so I’ll keep it short and sweet. The rules are simple. but please follow them so there is no interruption in the contest.

After reading the rules on my blog go to my Facebook fan page (follow the link) a

nd take a look at all the entries and make your selection of who you think represents the cutest kid in Renfrew County. To make your selection, all you have to do is simply like the image.

Comments are allowed, however please keep it clean and respectful. Lets keep this a friendly fun contest!

Do not state the child's name/age/location in the comments area.

Please do not tag the images. If tagging occurs then the entry is disqualified.

You only get ONE vote!

Do not create false profiles otherwise the entry will be disqualified.

Facebook is in noway associated with the "Cute Kid of Renfrew County c


Don't forget to share this link with family and friends as this is a public voting contest!

Winners will be announced on Monday March 15 and notified via email to claim their prizes.

Winners will be announced on Tuesday March 22 and notified via email to claim their prizes.


  1. vote for # 9 thanks

  2. How can one not like dribble...definitely #28

  3. vote for # 26 she is soo cute

  4. vote 26! she is a doll

  5. I am voting for #26

  6. I am voting for #30

  7. Vote for 26!!! :)

  8. vote for #26 thanks

  9. vote for 27 :) please thanks!