Monday, September 28, 2009

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Because the summer was full of activity, I had no time to venture out and photograph interesting locations, landscapes or vintage cars. It’s been a long time, I have a building in mind that I want to photograph in town and it’s kind of historic. I have it all planned out in my head. HDR, of course, and as much detail as possible with some drama. Now I am waiting for an evening, twilight, when I can go out and actually get the shot. Hopefully, luck will be with me that night and the cloud cover will be perfect and there will be some golden color in the sky tucked behind the clouds.

As for my book,
My children’s book is complete. It was fun, exhausting, tedious, and brain busting, but worth all the hard work. I think the last edit is really good. Hopefully it’s my final edit. The characters are much more developed and the story flows a lot nicer. I was fortunate to get some direction from an editor and publisher.
My family has been so patient with me; constantly listening to me read my edits. Sometimes the only one willing to listen (and not have to force) was my five-year-old Ireland. She wants the book published as badly as I. By November of 2009, a decision will be made when the book will be published. That’s all I can say for now, I don’t want to jinx myself. Is that coy enough for you?
2010 Lilliput Calendar is now available at my Redbubble site.

Meanwhile, since I have not taken any pictures, if I should happen to find 10 minutes here or there I pick up my sketch book and then upload the sketch to illustrator. I have been working on a series of robot images for posters. What can I say--I really am a robot junkie.
The illustrations are very colourful and full of detail. At first I was going for something simple, not a lot of detail, loads of color. As you can see from the end-result the illustrations took a life of their own. They started off innocent but the mischievous side came out and wreaked havoc. The robots went wild. It helped having a seven-year old behind my shoulder telling me to blow up things. It took me several weeks to work on it—so little time (I seriously need a vacation) and figuring out how things work in Illustrator. I have a copy of Adobe Illustrator CS4 Classroom in a Book next to me as I work. The lessons are straightforward and full of visuals to follow. I have yet to mess up a lesson. Best resource book I have come across for Illustrator.
Hope you enjoy my illustration--many more to come in the months to follow.
September line up,
I was commissioned to create illustrations for a book trailer. The book is Rightfully Mine, the talented author is Aggie Villanueva. Once the trailer is online I will blog about Rightfully Mine and write a review. In the mean time you can read up on Aggie Villanueva, dubbed by artistic peers Grandma Moses of the American Southwest .

There’s more,
I am also working on my second picture book as well as a comical short story for a children’s magazine geared for 6-8 year olds. You can find preview images for my second picture book at my RedBubble site

For my love of photography, from time to time I take on freelance photography jobs. I just recently finished a hair model photo shoot for Jamie-lynn (hairdresser) at Enviro Trends, incredibly creative work of art. Looks like a flower and the model is the vase.
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