Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bringing you up to speed......

Fall is banging on my door. Already!
Slow as a turtle I am adding to my blog and in the next couple of weeks updating my website with new images. The summer went by so fast and it was busy. New doors have opened up and I am so thankful to those who have recommended me. Thank you to all for your patience.

To bring you up to speed, since my last blog my daughter Ireland had her tea party, and it was a huge success. All the children in attendance had a blast, especially Ireland. What made it so memorable for me was her reaction after the party – as the guests were leaving, she came and hugged me and said “Thank you Mommy.” The girl brought tears to my eyes. She loved her party and appreciated all the hard work that went into it.
Her older sister’s friends came over that morning to help set up. I had been decorating for a week or so, and still had lots to do. We made over 100 giant tissue-paper pom-poms of different colors and hung them from the ceiling at kid level. The place looked amazing and colourful. Anyone over four feet couldn’t walk in there without hunching over--no matter, the place looked awesome. The food was a hit; they ate up all that we served to them and more. The teapot-shaped birthday cake disappeared very quickly. As the children left we gave them a food favour (alongside their loot bags). I had ordered cookies online, and these were not just any cookies. These cookies were divine, colourful, artistic and so delicious. I swear they were that good and worth every penny. Please check out their website, http://decadentcookie.com/I meant to take pictures of the cookies, but they did not last long for a photo shoot.

The children really enjoyed dressing up in the cute outfits I had bought. Even the two little boys did not mind putting on top hats and gloves. After all the planning, I was honestly a bit sad when it was over. I love the adrenalin of planning a party. The next party is for my seven year old boy. He wants a Video game party--should be interesting. He really loved the decorations and fuss of Ireland’s party and decided this year he would also like a theme party. I have two and half months. Get ready, get set, go!

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