Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Photoshop workshop...

I have been thinking for a while now to get a group of no bigger than 6 to do an online class so to speak without any fees of course. I can provide the images (always open to sharing though) if it is easier. We would all come up with a concept and then vote on it. At the end of our project we can post our work as a group on our own sites. I have never done this before but would love to try it out and see what we come up with. This is not a challenge , but there is a prize, knowledge and friendship (a good thing )

If you would like to join me please let me know by June 4, 2009 so we can get started. Space is limited as we will only start with 6.

All tutorials will be as word docs. However,I am playing around with video and hopefully will have that running before we get started.

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  1. Tell me how are you liking your ring light now that you have had it a while????